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David Simpson MP Support For Brexit Puts Local Jobs in Jeopardy

Published: 25 July, 2017

David Simpson MP Support For Brexit Puts Local Jobs in Jeopardy

With the British Government Trade Secretary Liam Fox in the US negotiating a future Trade deal and his well reported comments on the importation of chlorine washed chicken. Sinn Fein MLA John O' Dowd has challenged DUP MP David Simpson to explain how Brexit is good for local people.

Mr O' Dowd said:

"The importation of chlorinated chicken imports from the US into the North will not only destroy up to 6000 jobs in the North it will also put food safety and the health of the population at risk.

"The Tory DUP vision of Brexit is a new trade deal with the US which in turn will allow the US to flood the local market with chlorinated washed chicken products as well as other products of dubious origin and food safety quality.

"The poultry industry in Upper Bann alone employs thousands of people the discussion in Washington headed up by Fox is putting those jobs at risk.

"Our supermarkets will be flooded with poor quality food with consumers being left with no option but to buy food which simply would not be allowed on the shelves under current EU regulations.

"David Simpson needs to make his position clear! Is he prepared to sacrifice 6000 jobs in the north in pursuit of the Tory Dup Brexit agenda?