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Councillor Duffy reassures residents re: NIHE kitchen scheme

Published: 5 November, 2017

Councillor Paul Duffy has been contacted by a number of residents residing in houses numbered 60 plus in Garvaghy park to ask why they are not included in the kitchen replacement scheme which has gotten underway in the estate.

He said:

"I of course welcome the scheme which takes in a number of houses and bungalows in the Garvaghy Park, Garvaghy Close and Woodside Green areas however I was somewhat bewildered to learn that NIHE houses close by were not included in the scheme.

"As such I contacted NIHE and want to reassure residents that all kitchens will be replaced. There is a phased approach to this scheme as was the case with schemes in the years prior.

"NIHE regret any annoyance this may have caused. I have however asked them to reconsider the phased approach given that the current kitchens have been in for 18 years plus."