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Nuala Toman Ard Fheis Speech

Published: 22 November, 2017

If there's one thing we know about the British Tories is that they are as wedded to austerity as they are to a hard Brexit.

But this should be of no surprise. For this is the party of the bedroom tax. The party of brutal sanctions targeting sick and disabled people. And, if we ever we needed a more recent reminder of the cruelty of the Tories all we need to do is to consider the horrific and punitive rape clause .

No matter what has been happening in the economy successive Tory Chancellors have used their budgets each year not to back public services, but to slash them.

Draconian Tory welfare cuts are driving those on low incomes into poverty, debt and destitution. Forcing children and families to rely on food banks and emergency aid to just about get by. This is completely unacceptable

Our young people, are the first in modern times to be at risk of being worse off than their parents. With lower life time earnings, higher rents, and huge barriers to getting and staying on the housing ladder

All of this needs to be considered in the context of the British disaster that is Brexit. We know that dragging the north out of the EU against the wishes of the people will have a disastrous impact upon our local economy and public services .

Even the very threat of an extreme Tory Brexit is damaging the local economy - driving up costs, scaring off investment and jobs, and squeezing living standards even further.

That is why now more than ever the needs to be end to the brutal austerity that is damaging our public services, cutting family support, and holding back the economy.

To put it simply, it's time to end British dominance over our economy and our people. That isn't working for Ireland. Has not worked in the past. And will not work for the future. It's time for Irish Unity.