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Duffy Praises Council Staff for Bann Field Clean Up and Calls For Fly Tipping to Cease Immediately

Published: 6 April, 2018

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Duffy recently raised the issue of fly tipping in the Bann Field behind Woodside with council officers. This has resulted in a council clean up of the area.

Speaking after the council led clean up he said:

"I would like to thank council staff for responding to residents concerns and clearing up the Bann field at the back of Woodside.

"The field, which is Council owned, has in the past been a hotspot of anti-social behaviour but more recently has experienced a significant amount of illegal dumping.

"Woodside residents associations have raised this tirelessly at local interagency meetings.

"Cars and lorries pull up day and night dumping all types of rubbish. This is despite the existence of a recycling centre nearby with plenty of opening hours and which is free for all.

"I would call on anyone who sees people dumping in this area to take registration numbers and/or photos and report it to council immediately.

"Those responsible have no regard for the local area and need to feel the full force of the law."