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Council Must End Historical Patterns of Discrimination.

Published: 30 May, 2018

Sinn Féin have responded to the Council's consultation on its Community Plan which will map out Council strategy and shape Council's services up to 2030.

Speaking about the Sinn Féin response Cllr Savage said:

"The core message in the Sinn Fein response is that the council must use its powers and the community plan to bring to an end the historical patterns of discrimination and poverty in our society.

"The document published by ABC Council has not addressed the statutory duty placed upon the council to address poverty and disadvantage and to target resources on the basis of objective need through Section 28E of the 1998 NI Act.

"For our part Sinn Féin will be taking this issue head on. The Council has an opportunity for a new beginning for all the citizens regardless of class, creed or colour.

"Remaining on the theme of tackling disadvantage the Sinn Fein response also calls for the council to fully comply with the Rural Needs Act and support investment in rural broadband and rural roads.

"Sinn Féin have also called for support for the Irish Language, which is a treasure belonging to all our citizens. In the context of mutual respect the council must ensure its positive promotion and must ensure the rights of the community are fulfilled.

Concluding Cllr Savage concluded:

"To eradicate poverty and discrimination we need economic development which is regionally balanced throughout the Borough and provides support to both urban and rural areas. We support the creation of high quality, well paid jobs as being central to any job creation strategy.

"We once again raised the issue of social and affordable housing. There simply is not enough housing being built and not enough in areas of high demand. We have called on the council to make housing a central issue in the time ahead.

"The Council is at a crossroads either a new beginning for all or more of the same which means historical patterns of discrimination and poverty remain. ENDS