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Some Politicians are exploiting Park Concerns - Tallon

Published: 30 January, 2019

Sinn Féin spokesperson Michael Tallon has said some politicians and council candidates are exploiting the genuine concerns of those who are opposed to the SRC campus at Craigavon Lakes for their own political careers.

Mr Tallon said:

"As a keen fisherman and wildlife enthusiast I am as passionate about Craigavon Lakes as anyone. The misinformation about the future of the Lakes as a result of SRC being built there is at best misguided and at worst an attempt by some to forward their own political careers.

"The future of the lakes are not at risk, anglers will still have full access as now, the Craigavon Park will be as accessible and attractive to visitors, walkers and cyclists after SRC is built as it was before.

"The environment for wildlife will be protected and where trees are removed, as in any construction, they must be replaced - in this case with even more trees than before.

"The allegations of corruption, backhanders and wilful neglect of public office circulating social media are not only scandalous but could lead to some unfortunate person who posts them being subject to legal proceedings, while those who spread the misinformation walk off into the sunset.

"The opponents of the SRC build are perfectly entitled to their opinion and if they have legal grounds they should have access to a Judicial Review of the Planning decision. The Court should then quickly arbitrate on the evidence before them. There is too much at stake for this scheme to be subject to endless delays.

In Conclusion Mr Tallon said :

"The sale of Council land to the Southern Regional College to build a new campus at the Lakes was supported by all the parties on the Council; including the SDLP, UUP and DUP. Those now suggesting if elected they will reverse that decision or stop the new build are either naïve or believe that the public are. I, for one, know the public are not."