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Duffy Calls For Fly Tipping to Cease in the Obins Street Area

Published: 1 March, 2019

Speaking following a surge in fly tipping in the Obins Street area he said;

"There has been a surge in people dumping rubble, bin bags and other large items beside street bins .

"Those viewing this as acceptable wrongly assume the councils role is to lift this.

"The reality is that those involved are engaging in illegal dumping. Unwanted waste must be put in the appropriate bin or brought to one of the nearby recycling sites.

"Council can also collect large items for a small fee.

"I would urge people to cease immediately. It makes our community look unsightly and comes with a lot of hazards.

"If anyone sees illegal dumping they should report it to council environmental services with as much information as possible so those involved can be penalised."